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The Biggest Forex Trading Markets in the World

The global phenomenon called Forex has always been hitting us with countless opportunities and aspects that have managed to keep investors tongue-tied. As the market has gone through a long list of changes, it is worth noting down the biggest trading markets and how they have managed to cope up with the same. Since these platforms tend to go up and down the list based on the volume, you may never know when they might change. On that front, here are the biggest Forex trading markets in the world.


The UK Forex Trading Market

The Forex Trading market of the UK has always been considered to be a dynamic one where more than 270,000 Forex traders operated according to data published in 2017. A lot of European Forex traders have settled down at this market, with Europe and Germany being the other two markets. Apart from that, around 60% of the total number of investors in this market are millennials, and they account for a major portion of all the trading activities.


The US Forex Trading Market

The US Forex trading market is another huge platform where trading takes place in huge volumes. Around 15% of the world’s group of online traders are established in this market, and thus, carry on their functions here. The total amount traded tends to grow steadily, and it hit a record in 2010 when it reached $900 billion. Since most of their transactions take place in this specific geographic region, they also move ahead to overlap between the US and the European GMT.

US Forex

The Tokyo Forex Trading Market

Apart from being the financial capital of the Japan Forex market, the Tokyo Forex market is also the third-largest Forex trading market in the world. With around 130 million active traders, the market is quite powerful and influential in its own. In the year 2010 alone, the market reached 310 billion, which was critical in establishing the Japanese Yen as the third most traded currency. As the country also came around to face easy and extensive forms of internet access, the number of Japanese Forex traders have increased.

The Switzerland Forex Trading Market

Switzerland has been a safe haven for investors for a very long time. One of the main reasons for the same is their strong banking sector which has enforced the right kind of decisions. As a result, it has turned out to be a promising market for Forex traders, and a lot of individuals tend to spend their money on the market. Due to that trend, around 8 million people in Switzerland have gone ahead to trade Forex through their online services. Thanks to these specifications, the Switzerland market has been an essential aspect of Forex trading.

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